Success stories

Client Success Stories

Here are some success stories that demonstrate how our clients have improved their job joy with our help.

“Technical Evangelist” Sets the Stage for Change

Choosing a values-rich career

Create Your Jobfit

Doing What Comes Naturally

Find your potential and talents…that’s what it takes to move forward

From Making Widgets to Making Music

Get to Know the Person Making the Hiring Decision

Good Employers Will Recognize Your Natural Talents…They can train you to do anything

Identify Your Passion…and don’t give up!

It takes more than just posting resumes online

Keeping your Core Talents at the Core

Making a world of difference, one value at a time

Most jobs Are Organized to be Predictable and Mundane and Often Become Simple and Boring for Talented People

Nurturing Strengths to Achieve Goals

One Word Changed Her Life

Prepare, practice, and persist

Profile of a Business Incubator Specialist

Putting the six degrees of separation to work in your favor

Re-positioning your Talents for a Better Jobfit

Return Ticket, True North

Talking Your Way into a Job

The Queen Bee of the Natural Health Hive

Think talents first, values second

Transition from pulpit to podium a great leap of faith

You Have to be able to Tell Your Story

You have to try different tools when you make a career change

You May Not Be Crazy

Your Values and your Job don’t have to Conflict

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