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JOBJOY™ exists to transform the career pain of individuals into job joy. Our purpose is to honour the uniqueness of each individual by identifying and defining their key success factors, then translating those factors into specific work settings that create job satisfaction and financial reward for that individual. We are committed to providing leadership in career assessment, targeting, and marketing by integrating spiritual truth and business excellence.

George Dutch, M.A. | Certified Career Professional & Job Change Expert

George is a career professional with almost 25 years experience counselling 5000+ clients to make sound career choices, including hundreds of PhD and MBA students to find jobs related to their degrees, and provided outplacement services to hundreds of professionals across a range of industries, including telecommunications, power generation, financial sector, office equipment, software, food manufacturers, housing industry, government agencies, as well as job change coaching for military2civilians.

His post-grad studies focused on the intersection between careers and culture. He has been published in several academic journals and frequently appears on radio & television, and speaks regularly at career conferences and to many community groups, government departments, corporations, and business organizations. George specializes in career change and job search and is the author of three books on those topics. His resumes and interview advice have been published in numerous career books.

His work and accomplishments have been recognized and certified by many career organizations, including the Career Management Alliance/Career Master’s Institute, the Institute of Career Certification, the Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association, and the IDAK Group.

His wise, practical and realistic advice for individuals is based not only on his training but also on a broad range of personal career experiences in both white and blue collar roles in public and private sector roles before dedicating himself to the career profession.

George also lives out his roles as father, spouse, son, brother, friend and citizen. He plays basketball weekly, watches crime dramas like Law & Order faithfully, tends a vegetable garden in summers, hikes the Adirondacks, performs with the 9th Hour Theatre Company, advocates for certain social movements like co-housing, and surrenders frequently to the demands of his teenage daughter.

July 2016

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