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To explore your career options, we need to meet for an hour or so to go through your story in some detail. Here’s what I suggest you do to ensure we have a productive session:

If you have a resume, take a coloured pen and highlight for me anything about your current and previous jobs that have been consistently satisfying or particularly enjoyable, i.e. job duties, projects, assignments.
If you don’t have a resume, just write them down. If there isn’t anything, that’s okay too.

And write down anything you have done outside of work over the years that has been consistently satisfying, e.g. hobbies, sports, interests, volunteer activities, home projects, classes/assignments at uni/college/school.

This gives me a starting point for a basic assessment of your natural strengths and motivations. Then we can spend an hour or so discussing where should you go? which orgs or work settings will motivate you? and what should you do there? what are the specific job titles that best match your talents, experience, education, and other factors, such as your health condition and values/priorities.

What you get

Sometimes, all it takes is one session to send you on the path to job joy. I can tell a lot from analyzing your stories.

“I wanted out of government,” says J.K. , a former policy analyst with DINA. “George helped me to understand in detail who and what I am. Today, I’m out of government, my income is higher and I’m happier!”

L.G., a former employee of ISTC says Of Dutch, “He identifies skills that are so close to you, you don’t even think about them.”

“I’m much happier now. Lots of opportunities springing up. No more secretarial work for me. Thank you, George.” D.M., Computer Trainer, Ottawa.

“I’d been declared surplus and heard George Dutch on the radio. I knew then he could help me to plan my next move. His advice has been excellent. The positive results were almost immediate,” says G.M., a project manager with Veterans Affairs.

At the end of the session, I can tell you what will serve you best in terms of next steps, depending on your needs and priorities.  If we determine together that what you need is:-

2 A better positioning/packaging of your current career proposition, then I will outline how I can help you with a resume, online branding,  and other marketing tools.
2 Or, a better understanding of how to search for a job and the proven tools and techniques to get one quickly.
1 Or, more clarity about a job target, i.e. which organizations will recognize, reward, and motivate you and what job titles are the best match for not only your current education and experience, but for your natural strengths and motivations too.

Whatever your situation, whatever your needs and priorities, I will provided concrete strategies and tactics to move you from where you are now into a better jobfit, and how I can help you get there!

This session is worth hundreds of dollars but you can register now for only $150.


Call me today at 613-563-0584 to set up an appointment, or register here with your contact details.

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