George Dutch, M.A.,CCDP is a certified Job Change Expert “For 25 years, I’ve helped over 5000 people just like you who felt lost or confused or trapped– and wanted a better jobfit!”

George provides Skype online Career Counselling across North America

Are you ready to change your job or career? And start working
naturally and effortlessly so that you get ENERGIZED by your job…instead of drained, dumbed out, dumped on, or dead-ended?

Do you feel like you have PLATEAUED in your present position?

Do you DREAD getting up in the morning to face another workday?

Are you BURNED OUT, wondering if your work really counts?

Are you SEARCHING for meaningful work that gives a sense of purpose?


Are you on SICK leave?

Do you want to change jobs but feel STUCK?

Do you FEAR you don’t know what else you could do for a living?

Do you push your passions to the PERIPHERY of your life?

Do you feel like a SLAVE to mediocrity?

Are you just COASTING until retirement, death or you win the lottery―
whichever comes first?

check_markGet excited about going to work each day.
check_markEarn a six-figure income and all you’re worth
check_markImprove your quality of life with better health
check_markGrow in confidence, self-respect, courage, and peace of mind
check_markAchieve real work-life balance
check_markLive a better story!

Job change is the new workplace reality. Whether its voluntary or involuntary, an ever increasing number of us must learn to make effective job changes quickly in order to protect and promote our careers.

JobJoy services use proven tools and techniques to get you there naturally and effortlessly. Get started today!

Recent Victories

  • These clients got hired into better jobfits. You can too!
  • Coached client recently relocated from Calgary to rural Ontario on JobChange from OfficeManager in eye care practice to LegalAssistant in law firm.
  • Toronto client relocated from USA persists with Job Search coaching & lands QA testing role in banking sector.
  • After resume update & interview coaching, local client lands VP role with International Management Consulting firm in Montreal.
  • Local client lands job as Chief_Human Resources for national professional association in manufacturing compliance sector.
  • Client in Halifax recently relocated from UK has resumé revised & interview coaching & quickly lands job as Asst Registrar with university.
  • Client in T.O. follows my job search advice and lands Accounting job in big firm.
  • After relocating to T.O. from Mexico, I revised resumé, provided interview coaching and taught client how to get referrals, he lands job within 2 months as Maintenance Specialist in automated factory.
  • Client in T.O. recently relocated from Seattle lands job in law firm and begins licensing process for lawyer in Ontario.
  • After relocating from Germany via USA and being 12 years out of workforce, local client lands job in Collision Repair.
  • Client in T.O. lands job as Call Centre Agent with Phoenix Pay System after trying to break into federal govt for 2 years.
  • Client in Montreal, relocated from Paris last year, lands Corporate Communications Manager role with major aircraft engine manufacturer.
  • Client in T.O. recently relocated from Seattle lands Software Development Manager contract.
  • Client in T.O. recently relocated from Argentina lands Production role with major #VFX supplier to Hollywood blockbusters & AcademyAward winners.
  • Pro-active job search helps local client transition from private sector consulting to permanent Communications professional with federal government department.
  • Toronto client recently relocated from UK & Paris lands job as Engagement Manager with fleet leasing management firm.
  • With revised resume & interview coaching, Chicago client lands Implementation Specialist role with e-commerce grocery retailer & $16K bump in salary.
  • Client in T.O. recently relocated from Switzerland on Work Visa follows my advice & lands job as French teacher in private school.
  • Guided local client thru my 90 Day Job Search plan to land job as Program Assistant with high-flying nonprofit health education agency & gain considerable income increase.
  • Toronto return-to-work mom lands job after 4 years off as Program Manager/Implementation Specialist with budgeting software firm within walking distance of her home!
  • Helped recent immigrant client in Vancouver land Support Specialist role with cloud-based data analytics firm with job search and interview coaching.
  • Former Marketing Coordinator for record labels in T.O. lands IT/CSR role with entertainment payroll company after long online & offline search.
  • Chicago client lands job as Product Strategist with a major footwear manufacturer, after pro-active job search through friend-of-a-friend referral 1 week from phone call to offer, as the fit was just perfect: “I couldn’t have done it without you and George so thanks again for everything.”
  • After extensive interview coaching and mock interviews, ‘C’ level client in Chicago lands Procurement Director role for global beverage company in Europe, says “Thanks again for your support and guidance. It clearly paid off!”
  • After relocating from Brantford to Ottawa, client lands nursing job at local hospital that suits her work-life balance priorities.
  • Client in T.O. lands new role as Senior Risk Assessment Officer with provincial govt agency. She credits my #Interview coaching for job offer, and I credit her strong research into needs & priorities of this employer.
  • Client in Vancouver used my advice to follow up with recruiters by emphasizing her technical skills and lands job in IT as #BusinessAnalyst/SystemsAnalyst in education sector.
  • Another client in Vancouver credits my Interview Coaching for landing job as IT-ProjectManager with medium-sized company in stock market/finance space, thank you!
  • After long and frustrating job search (due to concerns about ageism), local client lands Program Manager role for new data product with major software security company.