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George Dutch, M.A.,CCDP is a certified Job Change Expert “For 30 years, I’ve helped over 5000 people just like you who felt lost or confused or trapped– and wanted a better jobfit!”

George provides Skype online Career Counselling across North America

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Are you ready to change your job or career? And start working
naturally and effortlessly so that you get ENERGIZED by your job…instead of drained, dumbed out, dumped on, or dead-ended?

Do you feel like you have PLATEAUED in your present position?

Do you DREAD getting up in the morning to face another workday?

Are you BURNED OUT, wondering if your work really counts?

Are you SEARCHING for meaningful work that gives a sense of purpose?


Are you on SICK leave?

Do you want to change jobs but feel STUCK?

Do you FEAR you don’t know what else you could do for a living?

Do you push your passions to the PERIPHERY of your life?

Do you feel like a SLAVE to mediocrity?

Are you just COASTING until retirement, death or you win the lottery―
whichever comes first?

check_mark Get excited about going to work each day.
check_mark Earn a six-figure income and all you’re worth
check_mark Improve your quality of life with better health
check_mark Grow in confidence, self-respect, courage, and peace of mind
check_mark Achieve real work-life balance
check_mark Live a better story!

Job change is the new workplace reality. Whether its voluntary or involuntary, an ever increasing number of us must learn to make effective job changes quickly in order to protect and promote our careers.

JobJoy services use proven tools and techniques to get you there naturally and effortlessly. Get started today!

Recent Victories

  • These clients got hired into better jobfits. You can too!
  • Hamilton client lands job as Regional Sales Manager for national fitness equipment supplier.
  • Client didn’t want to relocate from Saskatoon until he got job in Edmonton but got no leads for months. I revised his resume & prepped him for interviews. Within 2 weeks he landed Junior Purchaser role w/national distributer of cleaning products & $4/hr wage increase.
  • Coached client in central Alberta through application & interview process to land job as a Collections Officer with federal tax agency.
  • Assisted laid-off Ottawa client through online application process & interview to land job resolving public complaints in a national transportation agency.
  • After career change coaching, client lands new job as a Senior Analyst to improve gender and diversity outcomes in GoC employment programs.
  • After my Interview coaching, client in Cedar Rapids makes is hired as VP-Engineering for e-commerce company.
  • Coached Montreal client through interview & negotiation process to land CreativeDirector of a global fashion brand with mid-6 figure compensation package, and provide executive coaching as needed.
  • Following my Interview coaching, Vancouver client lands Regional Sales Manager role with CPG company & writes: “George was great extremely helpful and insightful. Learned a lot of great interview techniques!”
  • Provided Salary Negotiation coaching to T.O. client who counter-offered same day & increased her 6-figure employment contract by $10,000.
  • Coached Toronto client, relocated from South Africa, on entrepreneurship in Canada so that he could launch a MobileApp that assists users with discretionary spend management.
  • After extensive resume revision and interview prep, client in Edmonton lands job at technology institute as Sales Development Representative.
  • Client moved from Poland to T.O. & uses my job search assistance to land Accounting job within 4 months while learning ESL.
  • After my interview coaching, client in Vancouver lands job as Personal Finance Officer with major bank.
  • After guiding my Guelph client (who relocated from China) through a Canadian job search, and especially on how to counteroffer, she lands job as Regulatory Analyst with a major food manufacturer.
  • Following my Interview Coaching & Salary Negotiation advising, UK client reports: “I got offered the job two weeks ago and have accepted the offer.  I start my new role as Network Planning Engineer January 2021.
  • Local client lands jobs as Digital Marketing Specialist with large e-commerce marketing firm
  • Advised client on negotiating higher 6-figure salary & benefits as he relocates from ON to BC and lands Principal Mine Engineer role with global mining company.
  • “Couldn’t have done it without you, George!” Newcomer to Canada from SA lands IT Business Analyst role in local gaming/entertainment sector with higher salary.
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