The Queen Bee of the Natural Health Hive

The Queen Bee of the Natural Health Hive

Siri Bandhu was in her late 30s and working as a massage therapist when she came to me. She said she was happy, but that some day she would have to make a career change because she wasn’t getting any younger and eventually the wear and tear on her body would catch up with her.

When I asked what she did for fun, I got a revealing answer. She said, “I’m an ordained minister in the Sikh faith and I take pleasure in marrying my friends.”

When I asked her if she had thought of marrying people for a living, she said, “It’s too much fun.” She hadn’t realized yet that “fun” is what you should be doing for a living.

It was obvious that Siri is enjoyable to be around and her massages were just one way she could help people, something that is important to her.

She’s the kind of person who relishes providing service to others. Siri has an incredible ability to establish rapport with people. She loves people and they love her. She was a “New Age” Dear Abby, Ann Landers and Miss Manners type. She gives and gives and gives even more and enjoys being a catalyst for positive change in people.

Siri could be a stand-up comedian – she has that kind of outgoing, entertaining personality. As well, she thrives on attention and recognition from other people.

She has even tried life as a stand-up comic and did just fine. However, she found other comedians so vulgar, she didn’t want anything to do with the clubs.

She also has a real knack for attention to detail. She enjoys working at a level where she handles the smallest elements involved in a job, operation, or project. Also, she likes to cook.

I had a very clear vision of her as the Queen Bee of a Natural Health hive, which is precisely what she has become.

Siri and husband Harimandir, who describe themselves as aging hippies living a spiritual life, opened a business called “Weddings Your Way”. They perform non-denominational ceremonies in English, French or Spanish for people who are spiritual, but not religious and who want to be married in a natural setting.

Within five years they saved enough to move from an apartment into an 18-room home which they converted into the Natural Choice/4 Nature Vegetarian Bed and Breakfast in downtown Ottawa. In addition to operating the wedding business, Siri is the queen bee of her natural health hive. She serves and teaches vegetarian cuisine, administers massages and creates her own oils and perfumes for sale.

Their wedding business income plummeted when the municipal government itself started performing civil ceremonies. Did that knock Siri down? Sure, but she got up again. The world changes. We have to change too. Siri is not afraid to adapt.

She was asked to be on the city’s Pandemic Committee, and did so as a community volunteer. This led to training people to teach emergency preparedness in the community as well as teaching in the community herself.

This new activity put her in touch with all kinds of professionals in the public safety sector. One thing led to another, and she is now certified to conduct Business Continuity Planning and Critical Infrastructure with an emphasis on threat-risk assessment using Carver and M-Sharpp as assessment tools. She has developed a new income stream through contract work in this area and thinks of it “like preventative medicine for business.”

She never strays far from her motivational pattern as the Queen Bee of a Natural Health Hive. As a Kundalini yoga Teacher Trainer , she travels to the University of Toronto at the end of every month to train teachers in this particular brand of yoga.

Siri was doing well when she was simply a massage therapist working out of her apartment. As has been shown, she was utilizing only a small element of her potential. Now instead of limiting herself, she has learned to expand her true self!

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Siri Bandhu Khalsa, is the queen bee of a natural health hive–the Downtown Bed & Breakfast & Spa in Ottawa (, a wonderful lifestyles business that keeps them young and energetic. She tells you what she and her husband, Harimandir, did to create such a business after she got her JobJoy Report.

What I like about them is they don’t compromise, they follow a certain spiritual path, and align their daily activities accordingly. They are committed to helping others live healthier and happier lives and have constructed a portfolio of jobs or services—including–that allow them to do that and make a living! I know because my family enjoys their hospitality and services on a frequent basis.

They do have work-life balance and they do help others achieve it! Imagine your life with less stress and more time for what really, really matters to you!

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