Stop the Struggle: JobJoy Bootcamp will help you change your career, your life, naturally & effortlessly, earn more, & achieve better work-life balance…within 12 months!


Taking your JobJoy Report or Career Match results and translating them into a new career or jobfit is what Bootcamp is all about. It’s not easy, I know, to transition to something different, something new, something better. But you can!

Bootcamp helps you do so in an efficient and effective manner with proven tools and techniques. It doesn’t matter where you’re at in the process. Here’s what happened to one Bootcamper during the most recent session:

“I did a JobJoy Report assessment with George about 5 years ago. His analysis changed my life. That was extremely emotional for me. It was probably the most profound insight anyone had given me about myself. It was very profound. I love working with George! I love the story analysis approach, and his solid advice. So last year, I joined George’s JobJoy Bootcamp to learn and apply the job search tools and techniques to get a job, and in December made a renewed commitment to “get a job.”

She used her personalized, customized Bootcamp coaching to fashion an accurate work identity, re-package herself, and implement my suggestions in an efficient and effective manner to hit her job target.  In May 2012, within 5 months!!!! (after 17 years as a stay-at-home mom!!!), she landed a lucrative position as a Project Specialist in Strategic Initiatives for a national medical organization that helps MDs manage their business and finances—great salary and benefits—and got the job without further education or training!  You can do it too!

Click here to read Maureen’s full Story.

Why Bootcamp?

What I’ve found is my clients who have finished either the JobJoy Report or the Career Match assessment with me tend to fall into one of two groups. Group #1 tends to take the information and run with it, and complete their career change with little or no further guidance. Great!

Group #2 is made up of individuals, like Maureen, who are looking for the next pieces of the puzzle and would like help in completing all the necessary steps to achieving their goals. See… we all need some help along the way…what I’ve found is most people take the steps needed with more confidence, and quicker, when they have someone taking the doubt and the uncertainty out of the process.

In a nutshell, the JobJoy Bootcamp™, is ‘the silver bullet’ to change your career, and your life.  Just like it did for Maureen. It’s been developed from the knowledge and experience I have acquired over the past 20 years going through my own career transition and the feedback I’ve received from hundreds of clients that have made successful transitions.

Why is it so hard to make the transition?

Here’s what I have observed over the years. Many people who complete the JobJoy Report or Career Match assessment start researching options for transitioning to a career. Let’s take Barry, a typical client who completed a JobJoy Report. He has a comfortable secure government job that he hates. His mind has two contradictory goals: he wants the vitality offered by a new career that better fits his authentic self, but he wants to avoid financial insecurity.

Although Barry wants a new career, as he starts to explore it, some of the tension is relieved but his fear of financial insecurity increases. Therefore, in order to avoid a future that might be financially insecure, he stops taking action because to take action and move out of his comfortable government job into a new career means he might end up financially insecure – damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t—the classic double bind.

If you are in this situation, it is not your fault

If you are in the same kind of position, then this service is for you! In my experience of working with individuals for the past 20 years, I have seen this oscillating pattern persist for a decade in many cases. Furthermore, what happens over time is that the frequency of this movement between the two poles—in this case Barry’s desire for financial security and his desire for more vitality in life — attenuates until the individual actually stops wanting what they want, and stops striving to attain it. At this point, they are literally “stuck” in the career trap. If you are stuck, I strongly encourage you to join JobJoy Bootcamp.

Stop believing it’s not possible to you to get out of the career trap. It is!

When we find ourselves in a double bind, each of us has a choice: we can remain in the structure and find a way to cope with its negative effects on our health and well-being, or we can get out of it. Getting out of the career trap means choosing what you really, really want. This is the subject of my new book, JobJoy Bootcamp, and the basis of this new service—liberating you from the career trap and into a new career that gives you the freedom and security to be who and what you are in terms of your right work.

That’s what JobJoy Bootcamp is for! It comes from my many years of working one-on-one with people in career transition and molding that into a group program. In JobJoy Bootcamp, not only will you work with me, but others in your same situation… to get you to your JobJoy — quickly. Bootcamp worked for Maureen, after 17 years as a stay-at-home mom. And it will work for you!

The great thing is… you can participate from anywhere in the world! That was one of the goals for this program…this isn’t a 3-day seminar where you have to spend time and money travelling and out of your environment. This is a ‘learn and do’ program that works with you, and you’ll want to be ‘on the ground’ implementing everything you learn immediately.

Get off the Treadmill and Start Earning Money & Having Fun Doing So

JobJoy Bootcamp is for my clients who have completed my JobJoy Report or Career Match service, and therefore have some sense of their right work. You now know your specific natural talents, motivations and passions, and have matched them to the specific work, and job settings, you are best suited for.

My Bootcamp will take all of this to the next step of finding or creating that dream job!

It will help you explore the career options that fit you best — employment, self-employment, or entrepreneurship. You will then develop a vision for your new future, and an action plan to get you there!

Further, you will take actions with all the confidence and courage required to help you find the happiness, and success, you’re after!

In short, my objective with the JobJoy Bootcamp is to help you make a career transition as quickly and easily as possible by guiding your work and ensuring you are taking the most effective and efficient steps at all times!

How the JobJoy Bootcamp Will Be Delivered To You, and What You’ll Get!

As I mentioned, the great thing about the Bootcamp is anyone can take it… from anywhere!

JobJoy Bootcamp is an online, 12 month career transition program, that will take place with a limited group of participants. Each of you will be in a similar career change situation, helping and supporting each other find your right work. As well, most people (and studies) have found that E-learning is not only more convenient and allows for more flexibility, it’s actually found to be more effective, and structured, then face-to-face counseling.

Most importantly, it keeps the costs down and more effective! Instead of paying for travel and accommodations, and trying to jam weeks of knowledge into a one or two day seminar (as most seminars tend to be set up), this one works where you are. This is beneficial because the JobJoy Bootcamp is a doing program, and is organized completely on taking action to get you into your right work as quickly as possible! When you sign up to the Bootcamp, be ready to meet your goals!

Specifically, the JobJoy Bootcamp will:

  • follow the outline of George’s new book, JobJoy Bootcamp: Moving your from career pain to job joy in 3 easy steps (each participant will get a copy of this book as part of the course!)
  • take specific actions HEARTwork, HEADwork, LEGwork…and NOW a bonus step—WEBwork.
  • use simple handouts/worksheets, ability to ask Qs in live sessions
  • start at a point best suited, and customized to you, so you can start making progress right away (rather then wait for the class to ‘catch up’ to where you are — you get going from day 1)
  • include a monthly tele-coaching call, split into two parts: #1) focus on an action area the participants can be using to move forward; and #2) dealing with issues specific to each participant; and
  • include individual sessions with George each month, depending on each participants needs during that month

Every one will go at their own pace, and this combination of a monthly group tele-class, plus individual service according to needs and priorities of each participant, is an effective and powerful method for your career transition.

The end result is

George will coach you in developing a solid plan of action. You will build your visibility and credibility in your targeted career sector, so you will not only make a solid career move now, but also have connections for further career advancement!

How’s that sound? Pretty good I’m guessing, but there’s even more benefits to being part of the JobJoy Bootcamp!

Our work in the group, as well as one-on-one consultations, could also include (but not be limited to!) actions that:

  • Determine and set objectives for types of positions for which you are presently qualified
  • Establish both ideal and realistic short and long-range objectives
  • Plan a marketing program
  • Develop a powerful and effective résumé and/or marketing portfolio
  • Identify markets and industries
  • Assist in establishing a contact list of appropriate level key decision makers
  • Evaluate results of exploratory interviews to decide and clarify career choices
  • Prepare for all interviews, as well as handling sensitive issues that may come up
  • Learn how to use LinkedIn as a business networking tool to connect with hiring managers in targeted organizations
  • Create an online presence through social media tools
  • Learn time management skills
  • Learn about dress and image
  • Plan effective interview techniques
  • Review and assess job offers
  • Provide salary negotiation and benefits advice

… and to get you there, you will receive:

  • Clarity and increased confidence to act on your career decisions
  • Understanding of what it is exactly that you have in the way of natural talents and how they apply to what employers want
  • How those valuable talents translate into specific job duties that can be matched with those in specific organizations
  • Guidance from results that are reliable, accurate, constant, and enduring they don’t change with circumstances
  • The ability to make career decisions more clearly, easily, and confidently
  • Interaction with other talented and intelligent people with all kinds of knowledge and contacts related to your goals
  • A stimulating and enjoyable monthly tele-class that will keep you accountable, on track, and in tune with effective actions
  • A personal 1 hr. consultation each month
  • Unlimited phone consultations of 15 min. or less to access my knowledge, experience and connections
  • Unlimited email consultations Q & A sessions
  • Deliverables, e.g. approach letters, resume, promo letters, cover letter, scripts, etc.

Phew! Yup… that’s a lot — but your career, and future, deserves it. As I said, this isn’t just setting you up for just a career change, but preparing you for future career advancement down the road. This will change everything!

Why do it in a group setting (and why do it at all)?

I have been helping others through career transitions for 22 years. Like you, they sought stability and comfort. But the simple fact is that any transition involves discomfort, uncertainty, and risk before you can get to the other side in a new career, in a new life, where you can once again enjoy stability.

Again and again, I have seen the character arc of transition change my clients for the better. Overcoming obstacles makes us better people, helps us live a better story, a bigger story!

Plain and simple, it is easier to go through that transition with others.

Previous Bootcampers join the live online sessions and share their tips on making a successful transition.

I urge you to take this opportunity to share your journey with other very talented individuals, full of the same passion you have! Together, we will learn so much from each other; together we will overcome obstacles, establish new careers that are more fulfilling, and better harmonize with our deepest values and highest ambitions — just like I’ve done for hundreds of others over the past 22 years.

So… how much will this cost?

When anyone thinks about hiring me to help them make a better career, and future, for themselves, obviously they will always associate a cost with my services. Of course, but have you ever thought about how much it’s costing you if you don’t take action? Have you considered the true price of your inaction?

How much you’re paying right now to not have a good job fit? You might not even realize it, but obviously all choices have consequences. We all pay a price for not changing careers to a better jobfit, and those costs are usually:

  • Your health, including your mental, physical, and often your spiritual health
  • What you may be teaching your kids, and spouse, about what to ‘settle’ for in life
  • Your stress, and plainly your enjoyment of life!

Think about the last time you smiled — the last time you felt content. Think about the last time you felt fulfilled.

I don’t know about you, but years ago I did the math for myself and I realized that I HAD to make a career change, however frightening it felt, because it was costing me a lot more to stay in my current situation then it did to change! I was throwing away my life… my energy… my self-respect.

Now… having been through it myself, I’ll now ask you the same thing — if you think you can’t afford a career change, what’s it costing you to stay put? The cost of inaction, when you truly think about, will probably make your head spin.

So, now much do you expect to pay for the opposite of staying put?

What would you pay for absolute clarity, focus, and direction in your career? What would you pay for something that is as priceless as your quality of life? What price would you, or anyone, put on your peace of mind? On knowing the joy of doing what you want to do… what you love to do (what you, even, need to do)?

If you’re currently making $50,000 a year (or more!) in a job you hate, would you pay $10,000 to get out of it and into a job fit for you? Would you pay $5,000?

JOBJOY BOOTCAMP™, available exclusively from me, George Dutch, and only to my clients, and is offered at a special investment of ONLY $2499 — but that’s only if you register after 1 April 2015.  If you register early — on, or before midnight, 1 April, the cost of the course is $500 less!  That’s $2000 for your early registration on, or before midnight, 1 APRIL! Bootcamp starts Wednesday 1 April, and runs for 12 months until 1 April, 2016.

In addition, you can spread the payments over 12 months on your credit card to make it easier on your budget! (In addition, if you or your spouse has Extended Health Care coverage, you may be able to claim my services as a certified Naturopath/Naturotherapist dealing with job stress. How’s that for JobJoy!)

But one warning… space is limited!–the course is limited to only 10 participants… to ensure I can work with everyone involved. As such, seating will fill up on a first-come, first-serve basis, and with about 1500 people on my mailing list, and the special early registration bonus, I expect the spots to go fast!

Finally… why will you succeed?

Simply, because you are already a success in life.

Yes, you may have been knocked down for a bit. And, yes, I know you may not feel like a success at every point in your life, but JobJoy Bootcamp will remind you of this simple fact: you have been successful in life previously; and you will be successful again! Especially with a program like this, helping you, and helping others, achieve the same goal — meaningful career change!

I know this because I refuse to define success in narrow financial terms. I define success in terms of finances, yes — but also (and probably more importantly!), in terms of health, energy, confidence, courage, self-respect, happiness, and peace of mind… to name a few.

Each of these aspects of life adds to our quality of life — and finding your right work will help you in all those areas. I know you know this as well as I, as we’ve all tasted that success in the natural talents, strengths, and motivations we all have. Now let’s put those to work in your life and get you the true, well-rounded success you deserve!


Because you can change your job in 12 months, with financial security and job satisfaction! I know, because I’ve seen it first-hand hundreds times! Helping people like you achieve this is my JobJoy — I was JobJoy’s first customer!

And with that, I’ve saved hundreds of careers, including my own, from a trash heap of broken dreams. That’s what brings me JobJoy — I’ve discovered exactly what works, and what doesn’t work, when it comes to saving your work life.

Those same simple strategies can work for you too… I know because they’ve worked for thousands of people just like you. Your situation is not unique, and more importantly your situation is NOT hopeless!

The strategies I use have been developed over the last 22 years working with people like you in all kinds of situations and circumstances… and now I can help you change your current situation, and life, too!

In addition, I am so confident in these proven tools and techniques that I have used personally to build and develop my own career, as well as the careers of hundreds of clients, that I am offering you a Money Back Guarantee. That’s right, I’ll refund the full amount of JOBJOY BOOTCAMP™. If you show me that you complete all the exercises and use the tools as recommended, and you still have not made a job or career change, you get your money back…plain and simple.

Now, you must take the next step.

This is important… you have to take some constructive action right away, or the very thing you fear most (a roller-coaster work life of frustration, boredom, and no hope for better things) will come true, and your situation will be hopeless.

Remember, everything you do right now is either helpful or harmful, and the most "conventional” attitudes and actions often put you further into a hole that gets harder to climb out of.

That’s why if you have seen yourself described in any of my above information (and you probably have if you’ve read this far!), you should register NOW because the course is limited to only 10 participants, I expect it to fill up fast.

Call me at 613-563-0584 or toll free at 1-800-798-2696, or email:…but you’ve got to take the first step so we can get going on your new life. I look forward to hearing from you today!

All the Details

The program is led exclusively by me, George Dutch — you will work directly with me for 100% of the course!

The course starts Wednesday 1 April, 2015, and runs for 12 months until 1 April, 2016. That’s great value for twelve months working through a proven career change process! Also, with George’s permission, the course can be renewed for another 12 months at NO extra cost if anything happens in your life that requires a break from the course,e.g death of a loved one, serious illness.

Monthly Group Coaching Calls to be determined for the convenience of participants, e.g. Mondays at 8:00 PM (Eastern Time). Calls will be recorded for future reference, so even if you miss a session, you can listen to the replay!

Where: All via phone, email, Internet, etc. — you go through the program from the comfort of your own surroundings, and progress at times most convenient to you (except for the optional weekly calls)! If you live outside of Ottawa, I would like you to have Skype so that we can meet face-to-face online, or talk by phone.

JOBJOY BOOTCAMP™, available exclusively from me, George Dutch, and only to my clients, and is offered at a special investment of ONLY $2499 — but that’s only if you register after 1 April 2015.  If you register early — on, or before midnight 1 April, the cost of the course is $500 less!  That’s $2000 for your early registration on, or before midnight, 1 April! Bootcamp starts Wednesday 1 April, and runs for 12 months until 1 April, 2016.

But one warning… space is limited!–the course is limited to only 10 participants… to ensure I can work with everyone involved. As such, seating will fill up on a first-come, first-serve basis, and with the special early registration bonus, I expect the spots to go fast!

REGISTER TODAY! Call George at 613-563-0584 or toll free 1-800-798-2696 or email:

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