Career Match Made Easy!

Career Match Made Easy!


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Topic:Career Match Made Easy!

Presenter: George Dutch, B.A., CMF, CCM, JCTC Job Change Expert

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Career Match Made Easy!

The assessment tool I will show you has a dbase of 90,000 job titles in it (compared to the average 5-6000 job titles in most tools).

There are several dozen that you are suited for in work settings for which you have preference. This tool can help match you to opportunities you might not otherwise think about without going through a systematic assessment process.

It is designed to assist mid-career individuals to overcome the inertia that accompanies most career transition and job search activities due to confusion and uncertainty.

You will receive clarity from the assessment about specific jobs in specific work settings that you are suited to do. That clarity is then translated into reality through an action plan.

The focal point of the system is the distinction between innate talent and educational credentials (knowledge). This mid-career advancement program avoids occupational, work experience, educational, age, race, or sex bias.

The aim of the system is to help individuals identify and secure a specific job in a specific work setting within 3-9 months depending on their personal and professional circumstances

Mid-career decision making involves two basic decisions: where to work and what to do there. This tool is designed to identify and define in specific terms those two aspects of the career decision-making process.

Your talents, aptitudes, and priorities are matched to 60,000 career options which are then matched to your ten preferred work settings. The computer print out identifies organizations which are numerically coded to match employers in any location. The report also provides up to 5 specific job titles for each of the ten organizations.

When the reports are returned, you will learn how to Interpret and use the 3 Reports: Aptitude Summary Report, the Career Match Report, and the Employer Search Guide.

It will certainly open up a range of job options you are unlikely to think of without this kind of systematic assessment. Then you can get started on an effective job search or choose a training program.

If you want to get a sense of how others made this kind of transition and dealt with the same issues, visit:

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