How To Find Your Right Work

How To Find Your Right Work

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Topic: How To Find Your Right Work

Presenter: George Dutch, B.A., CMF, CCM, JCTC Job Change Expert

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How To Find Your Right Work

  • Learn how your KEY SUCCESS FACTORS provide clues to your right work.

    NATURAL TALENTS: the skills and abilities that energize you

    PREFERED SUBJECT MATTER: the interest areas that you found particularly stimulating or satisfying in your childhood, young adult years, and now during the discretionary time of adulthood

    MOTIVATING SITUATIONS: what needs to be in place in your work setting or job conditions to release your natural talents

    NATURAL RELATING STYLE: how you build rapport with others effortlessly and what is your natural role in work settings

    ESSENTIAL MOTIVATION: what it is that you seek to achieve when you are doing what you enjoy most and doing it well (the purpose of your passion, if you will). This is the factor most associated with a sense of work satisfaction. If this is denied, a work situation will lack fulfillment for you.

    ACTION PLAN: suggestions to help you validate your passion and a motivational pattern that moves you from career pain to job joy through genuine employment opportunities

    From this analysis, you can generate an Ideal Job Description and match it with specific opportunities in the real world of work. Once you have defined your strengths, you need to make sure you are in a position that utilizes them and gives you the opportunity to put them into practice. “If you’re in a job that’s not a fit for your natural talents, you’re not going to achieve greatness,” says Gallup.

  • Learn how to mine and map these factors to give specific job matches that will give you financial stability and job satisfaction.
  • Learn how others transformed their job misfits into six figure incomes with work-life balance! Without going back to school. Learn the secrets of successful job change.

Imagine how it would feel to get excited about going to work each day!

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