Free assessment

Free Assessment

Please pick three activities that represent your active participation in events or activities that are or have been particularly enjoyable or consistently satisfying. Avoid passive enjoyment activities such as watching movies, reading books, enjoying nature, listening to friends, attending a concert, taking better care of yourself. Focus on something you enjoyed doing or accomplished with a sense of satisfaction.

By way of explanation, the following examples will help guide you:

Achievement Activities, Not Experiences

Not: “I enjoy surfing the net to research topics.”

But: “After two years of reading about it, researching via web and books, after two years of daydreaming about it, I really was sitting in a studio, learning how to blow glass – while awake!”

Specific Activities, Not Milestone Achievements

Not: “I got my MBA.” or “I bought my first house.” or “Was elected President of local golf association.”

But: “I was able to convince the president to spend $200,000 for the new equipment.” or “Bought a run-down dilapidated house and restored it to the point that property values in the neighborhood increased 30%.” or “Successfully ran the district golf tournament that raised over $10,000 for our chosen charity.”

Describe General Activities With Specific Examples

Not: “I’m good at troubleshooting.”

But: “Recruited to provide integral support to testing of Microsoft’s XBOX LIVE Internet web-service, troubleshooting various components of this highly popular on-line game. Charged with tracking fault reports and classifying severity of bugs with game software and supporting real-time voice communication services.”

The better you complete each one, the more you will enhance my ability to provide you with an accurate description of your natural talents and motivations:


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