Mission Statement

JOBJOYâ„¢ exists to transform the career pain of individuals into job joy. Our purpose is to honor the uniqueness of each individual by identifying and defining their key success factors, then translating those factors into specific work settings that create job satisfaction and financial reward for that individual. We are committed to providing leadership in career assessment, targeting, and marketing by integrating spiritual truth and business excellence.

George Dutch | Certified Career Professional & Job Change Expert

George Dutch, BA, CMF, CCM, JCTC

George has been a certified career professional in private practice since 1993. He has worked with over 3500 individuals and led several hundred group workshops aimed at empowering individuals with their natural gifts and talents. He is committed to discovering the uniqueness in each individual and the development of that uniqueness into a specific job or business. He is the author of several career books, has hosted a careers talk-back radio show for 6.5 years, and speaks regularly on careers to community and industry groups.

George plays basketball, reads hard-boiled detective fiction, plays with Peter Senge’s Fifth Discipline system for analyzing and improving organizational effectiveness, plays with Robert Fritz’s Creating Your Life system for managing his time and priorities, studies the intersection between Christian orthodoxy and orthopraxi, watches reruns of Law & Order regularly, and surrenders frequently to the demands of his teenage daughter.