George Dutch is a certified Job Change Expert “For 22 years, I’ve helped over 4000 people just like you who felt lost or confused or trapped– and wanted a better jobfit!”

George provides Skype online Career Counselling across North America


Are you ready to change your job or career? And start working
naturally and effortlessly so that you get ENERGIZED by your job…instead of drained, dumbed out, dumped on, or dead-ended?

Do you feel like you have PLATEAUED in your present position?
Do you DREAD getting up in the morning to face another workday?
Are you BURNED OUT, wondering if your work really counts?
Are you SEARCHING for meaningful work that gives a sense of purpose?
Are you on SICK leave?
Do you want to change jobs but feel STUCK?
Do you FEAR you don’t know what else you could do for a living?
Do you push your passions to the PERIPHERY of your life?
Do you feel like a SLAVE to mediocrity?
Are you just COASTING until retirement, death or you win the lottery―
whichever comes first?

check_mark Get excited about going to work each day.
check_mark Earn a six-figure income and all you’re worth
check_mark Improve your quality of life with better health
check_mark Grow in confidence, self-respect, courage, and peace of mind
check_mark Achieve real work-life balance
check_mark Live a better story!

Job change is the new workplace reality. Whether its voluntary or involuntary, an ever increasing number of us must learn to make effective job changes quickly in order to protect and promote our careers.

JobJoy services use proven tools and techniques to get you there naturally and effortlessly. Get started today!

Recent JobJoy Victories

  • These clients got hired into better jobfits. You can too!
  • Mid-career client advances career to Manager-Hardware with comms manufacturer in Ottawa.
  • Client w/no uni degree lands District Manager job with popular chain of pubs in Ontario.
  • Mature client lands permanent job as proposal writer with naval engineering firm in Montreal.
  • Local client networks (thru son's soccer team) to Trade Officer job with large govt dept.
  • Client in SC w/#MBA lands Chair of School of IT at TechInstitute, even though he’d been out of IT for 10+ yrs.
  • BA Comms grad lands job in Montreal as Community/SocialMedia manager for startup making videos & other SM content.
  • Client advances career by going north! Moves from Ontario govt to Senior Policy Officer with Nunavut govt.
  • Client moves from government agency in T.O. to large NGO of children’s rights to take Senior Manager position.
  • Client transitions out of IP and lands new job Global Relationship Manager in supply chain of hi-tech company.
  • After 10 yrs self-employment, client in VA volunteers as hospital intern & leverages her MBA-Healthcare Admin into Acct Mgr position with national home care product supplier.
  • Geomatics clients lands lucrative 1 yr contract w/USA survey to map seafloor.
  • Client transitions from govt job in Montreal to private sector job in Van with biomass firm.
  • Client transitions from a big-3 telecom provider to senior role in provincial govt agency.
  • Longtime client returns from overseas to take on VP-Programs at major foundation.
  • My JobJoy Report helps client negotiate 6-figure role as Dir-Ops & Resource Mgmt w/large IT consulting services firm.
  • After interview coaching, RN client lands full-time position in critical care unit of hospital.
  • Client in Ottawa lands job as .NET Developer: "I accepted an offer today. Some of your techniques helped me get the job, many thanks!"
  • Stay-at-home mom lands job as accountant w/large food equipment group in Lexington, KY.
  • Client in Seattle had 7 IT interviews, no job offers 'til I coached him, then next int he lands Help Desk Tech job with Starbucks.
  • With my networking advice, MBA client in NJ lands job as Mgr-Research Scientists at Fortune500 chemical company.
  • Opened eyes of MBA client on what really happens in hiring process and he lands job at Metrolink in L.A.
  • Following my interview coaching, client lands supervisor job with City of Ottawa: I got the job! Interview went super well! Thanks for all your help!
  • ProjMgr client lands 6-figure position with national standards org with my resume & interview coaching help.